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Downtown Cascaro


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The twinkle of the downtown skyline died long ago and it looks dead and dark at night. During the daytime it stretches toward the sky with long alleyways that lead to boarded up stores, and an old red light district that used to scream excitement lays in desolate waste. The streets stretch to old brick and slate condos that are now home to the dogs and an old, broken city district. The years have not been kind, and many buildings are on the verge of collapse.

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Old town


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It’s a town that barely knew its name. The street signs still blare that one is supposed to adhere to laws that no longer need to be followed. It’s the very first downtown that Cascaro ever had, forsaken long before the bigger version. It was left to rot due to an “inconvenience” with the former mayor disliking where it was. An old city hall resides in the middle, little buildings that used to house stores like gaping sores are now the only remembrance of what was.

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City Outskirts


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Rolling hills carry with is secrets of the older city that now lays to waste with it’s abandoned barns, sheds, and small dwellings. The roads here are mostly paved with, every once in a while, an odd road that is just a gravel menace. Trees have always proliferated this area but grow unchecked now with weeds creeping up around fenceposts and lines like they were meant to be there. What once was a quaint little area has become a veritable ghost town.

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The Ghetto


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Overgrown with weeds and vibrantly colored with graffiti, the ghetto is the city’s sore thumb. The cracked pavement leads to broken down houses and warehouses that were abandoned long before the rest of the city left. The disrepair is shocking compared to the rest of the city, indicative of how it once was, a grim story written in the utter disrepair and brokenness of the ghetto -- forever a memory best left to be forgotten.

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Abandoned Park


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Bent posts hold up a rusted old fence, hell-bent on keeping the ghosts of nonpaying passersby from entering. The wires are bent in some places and pulled open in other places due to wear and tear and the occasional rebellious teenager. The once beautiful flashing lights are no longer, dulled out by years of disuse. A rusted out ferris wheel remains the focal point of the old amusement park, standing tall and proud despite the lack of activity around it.

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Symerton Station


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The old memories of hustle and bustle still ring through the empty hallways of Symerton Station. Old ticket booths are lined with cobwebs, stinking of moldy dust; the roof cracked during one of Cascaro's terrible storms, sags dangerously in some places. Abandoned railcars hunch where busy trains once passed through, trapped by rusted tracks. The Station holds many secrets left by the passengers of years passed, some more dangerous than others.

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Military District


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The military district was made of strict guidelines and secret keeping. There is generally nothing defining in its characteristics save for the rolling fence line. When everything fell into disrepair the fence remained one of the strongly held items with its barbed wire around the top leading into a concrete base with few holes in the actual steel. The surrounding land is relatively flat with a former housing community that used to be bustling with life.

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Fort Astenbury - "The Eye"

Fortress Grounds


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Decorated on either side by a large field with a lake to one side, the fortress stands as an indomitable force against nature. It sprawls across the overgrown field with a bridge hooking over the small creek-like river that runs underneath it, curling around the fortress until meeting with the river itself. Trees have grown closer from the surrounding forest like they might choke it out. Vines creep up the walls with nefarious influences against the old stone structure.

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The Keep


Blackwell Estate


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Once carefully manicured, bright and beautiful flowers now fight for space among weeds and tangled vines. The brick and steel fence, now broken and overrun with green, runs halfway around the property. Lines and lines of trees that were well maintained have become overgrown, creating the beginnings of a miniature forest stranded among the fields. The cobblestone roads have long since become only a suggestion of a path, leading to the Mansion and other areas.

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Caesar Gardens


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Flowers planted lovingly into dirt with gentle hands are now left to their own devices and choked by wicked, gnarled weeds. An old man-made stream runs through the middle of the gardens, rocks piled on either side, and lets out into a lily pond that has thrived under the freedom of time. A creaky wooden bridge curves, catlike, over the stream to the other side where hedges that had previously been manicured now flourish under the watchful eye of Mother Nature.

Last post Sept 21, 2017 15:36:13 GMT, by WarPaint in Ragged baggage [open]
Coastal Bush


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Rolling hills of prickly bush are a backdrop to dunes that lead to the beach. The coastal bush, true to it’s name, is a habitat for all kinds of sea life from birds to lizards in the summer. Trees that grow here are stumpier in nature, owing to the lack of general nutrients in the soil, and cluster close together creating a canopy of bristly like branches that interlock almost like a roof above the sand. The reedy, hardy grasses that grow are usually pencil thin.

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Hangneck Jail

Eastern Beach


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The beach is enigmatic in the sense that it is both welcoming and foreboding, with the stretch of forest on one side and the jagged crags on the other. It is an unforgiving land, better for viewing than interaction, with as many rocks as there are grains of sand. A small slice of civilization can be found on one end of the beach, but that too is daunting in appearance. There is no warm frolicking here, as the northern Atlantic remains frigid even in the middle of summer.

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Abbey Ruins


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As a testament to Cascaro’s mysterious past, the old Abbey Ruins have remained along the city’s outer reaches for as long as anyone can remember. The skeletal remains of stone buildings dot acres of countryside, covered in part by dirt and foliage as though the earth itself longs to hide it. The mysteries found within are difficult to uncover, but worth the trouble. Broken walls and pillars provide minimal shelter, as winds howl to the wandering souls who enter.

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Stonemason's Range


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Where the forest ends and the steep and barren cliffs begin is Stonemason’s Range. Cascaro used to be a hotspot for mineral mining. These days, only a legacy of old power tools and shelves of stone remain. Even amongst the rock and the dilapidated structures, dogs can find shelter. The most surefooted of canines can even scale the rocks to the water below, which is many years stagnant beyond what is safe for drinking.

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Sioux Forest


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Seemingly innocent at first, the forest takes on a threatening atmosphere the deeper one gets in; the overgrown trails that weave through the fringes are replaced by thick undergrowth and only the occasional clearing interrupts the interwoven canopy. Curious dogs are not the only inhabitants, as well; a plethora of creatures call this forest their home, most of them benign, but plenty of them dangerous.

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Campgrounds - "Haven"

Black Bear Mountains


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While the mountains provide a backdrop of majesty against the grungy city scene, precipices and lethal falls await those who wander haphazardly into the mountains’ depths, as well as wild beasts that make the hostile environment their home. Fortunately, shelter is a common commodity, taking the form of great granite slabs, stone caves, and the occasional vegetated hollow. Life is hard, but it is possible.

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Morrigan's cave


Brisdon Town


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Beyond the Black Bear Mountains, several days journey from Cascaro proper, lays the bustling little city of Brisdon. Full of people, Brisdon is constantly growing and evolving as the inhabitants go about their lives. And, of course, where there's people there's dogs. Any visitors from Cascaro should step lightly, and stick to the shadows. Most humans aren't too fond of stray dogs, and the strays that are there might not take kindly to strangers. Always remember that help takes time to get to Brisdon, if you can find a way to get word out to begin with.

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